Help Ukraine in the war against Russia

Ukraine is currently suffering from an insidious war by Russia. Ukrainians are a peaceful people, but now many men and women want to directly defend their country, their cities and expel the enemy from their land!

However, they don’t have the necessary equipment for this.

Our goal is to provide them with clothing, helmets, body armor, and other equipment so that they can effectively defend their land.

We have the experience and understanding of what equipment to purchase, we know how to seamlessly deliver it directly to those who need it. As a non-profit organization, we have contracted with manufacturers of military clothing and equipment to guarantee the quality of what we send.

Now, to fulfill our mission, we only need funds, so we will be glad to receive any donations from you.


Even 1 set can help our soldiers at this time.

Together we will not let Russia’s
war against Ukraine destroy our values and freedom.

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First line pack

Sapi Plate Level NIJ IV х 2

Helmet with Rails

Plate Carrier

Combat Uniform

Thermal Underwear lvl 1



Individual First Aid Kit

Tactical Gloves



$2 214


Second line pack

Tactical Backpack 30l

Modular Sleep System







Shoes pack

Tactical Shoes

Military Socks





Tactical Pickup

Suspension Upgrade

Wheels Upgrade


$25 000



Each set is packed in a dense film, that protects the equipment in any weather conditions, and can be stored just on the ground

Total funds

as a percentage

Our first goal is to equip 1,000 people. This requires the following amount of money:

$2 897 000


Purchase reports

$200 '.raised.' 23/03/2022
Bought and assembled 15 sets
Sent 12 sets
Purchased for $103 222.
23.03.2022 10:59
$123 '.raised.' 13/03/2022
Bought and assembled 10 sets
Sent 10 sets
Purchased for $103 678.
16.03.2022 01:10
$123 '.raised.' 13/03/2022
Bought and assembled 10 sets
Sent 10 sets
Purchased for $103 678.
16.03.2022 01:59
$123 '.raised.' 13/03/2022
Bought and assembled 10 sets
Sent 10 sets
Purchased for $103 678.
16.03.2022 01:48
$123 '.raised.' 13/03/2022
Bought and assembled 10 sets
Sent 10 sets
Purchased for $103 678.
16.03.2022 01:26
$123 '.raised.' 13/03/2022
Bought and assembled 10 sets
Sent 10 sets
Purchased for $103 678.
16.03.2022 01:12


Defence of Ukraine is a non-profit organization created by natives of Ukraine in Poland.

Each of us is a professional in our field. Ones have military experience and understanding of what equipment is necessary, some are versed in logistics, some – in production and procurement. We have an office and warehouse in Lublin.

Every day we work to ensure that the supply of equipment to Ukraine goes continuously.

If you are a manufacturer of military equipment, please contact us, we are ready to discuss cooperation. If you are a caring person, please help us financially.






Poland, Lublin, ul. Lubartowska, nr 71A


Why is it better to buy equipment centrally?

If the equipment is purchased centrally then its quality can be controlled and efficiency of utilization can be guaranteed. Since currently lots of people are buying equipment at their sole discretion, without really understanding what is necessary and with what quality.

Why do we pack equipment in single-person sets?

This makes it easier to sort and distribute them directly to the fighters. The car with packages can drive up, quickly unload, and the person simply says the size and receives the necessary package. Then they can open it and find everything they need in one place.

Why should you buy equipment for Ukrainians through us, when many NATO countries are helping?

Yes, indeed, a lot of equipment comes from NATO, but it is still not enough. Because in the cities there are tens of thousands of people who are trying to protect their homes but don’t have clothes, shoes, or armor. To ward off the enemy from their cities, equipment is needed. We need to provide them with hundreds of thousands of kits. There is an obvious lack of socks and pants, we even aren’t talking about body armor and helmets.

How exactly do we form packages, because the size of the clothes doesn’t match the size of the shoes?

We have packages with clothes and armor, underwear, etc., and we have packages with shoes and socks. Also, there is a package with a backpack, sleeping bag, karemat. Thus, for one person there are three packages: clothes with equipment, shoes, a backpack with a sleeping bag.

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We will fight to the end, because we all have something to defend!